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The inhabitants of the Earth always wanted to explore space, search for extraterrestrial civilizations. The answer to the question-are we alone in the Universe, came himself.rnThe events of the series childhood's End tell us about the alien mind that has taken the planet under a kind of guardianship. Race of super rulers discovered the Earth decided to help people. Seeing as how we neglect our home, squander minerals and destroy the eco-system, they took control of the planet. Karellen is a representative of the supermind and assigned to ensure that humanity has not destroyed itself. These beings have reached an impasse of evolution and are completely subordinated to the mysterious higher forces.rnrnrnBut is it true that our patrons pursue only good intentions? A group of dissenters disagrees with this form of enslavement. They dream of a free life and space exploration. But Karelin explains that this is not possible, because the human race is too young, it is like a small child who needs protection and control.rnOnly when we grow up we will be able to lead an independent life and become a part of the universal system. But it is necessary not to fight, and to give the rulers to absorb all living things. Is humanity ready to perish in order to be reborn again?

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