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  • Genres:
  • Fantasy
  • Comedy
  • Mystery
Three sisters live in their grandmother's and mother's old house. Girls are accustomed to a pretty normal life. They work, meet cute guys and make plans for the future. Everything changes at one point, when our heroines discover the world of the supernatural. It turns out, vampires, werewolves and demons there are on fact. And the lovely sisters are none other than the most powerful witches of our time. The older Prue acquired the ability to move objects with your mind, and her sister Piper is now able to "freeze" the time on their own. The younger sister Phoebe can now predict the future. But our heroines did not have long to enjoy the new forces, because now they have to challenge almost all the creatures of the world of darkness. Three sisters suddenly became powerful witches. As it turned out, the girls belong to the ancient witch family, whose representatives fought against evil. Sisters have to continue the family business, entering into fights with fierce demons, vampires and other magicians who wanted to get their strength. Despite the difficulties, both in witchcraft and in personal life, our heroines do not lose their presence of spirit. They continue to fight and come out of any fight winners.

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