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"Enemy of the State №1» is based on the autobiography of the legendary robber, who in the 70s was a major "brand" and the face of the French underworld, a sort of Gallic version of "The Godfather." For nearly two decades, he organized and participated in armed attacks on French banks. "Enemy of the State №1» - the first part of his life story. It begins with an episode of military service in Algeria: the murder of a prisoner, a young man for the first time to really be cruel, for the first time becomes a beast, get used to the killer's skin. This guy will not be able to live a normal life. It awakened the passion and violence, and lust for easy money and easy money. By the "profession" of the film hero attaches army comrade. Theft in wealthy homes, quarrels with parents, and then - the first robbery. And it starts twitching gangster life: groundless fights, the appearance and disappearance of his wife and children. No reflections - only the action. This cruel vanity terminates at the most interesting place. The protagonist seems to have become a gangster, but fame is yet to come. It seems to be already planted and fished, but not yet held major events of his life, namely crime, which brought him real fame. The story of the main French criminal played by Vincent Cassel you can watch online the movie "Enemy of the State №1».