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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
An unexpected turn in season 10 of the series Bones associated with the conspiracy theory, which previously seemed only paranoia. Booth is accused of the deliberate murder of an FBI agent, he spends a long time in prison, where he is forced to fight with those who were once imprisoned. His psychological state is on the verge of collapse. Brennan is difficult to combine the role of mother and the forensic anthropologist.rnColleagues and loyal friends, Angela and Hodgins support the girl, although she hides her true feelings. Jack independently investigates the case of Seeley, his evidence helps to get the guy out of prison.rnrnrnThe former special agent has been compromised. His service remains a big question. But he himself understands that the old booth is gone.rnTemperance tries to rehabilitate beloved, and gradually brings his to normal life. Having passed many tests, they are again taken for investigation. But now their goal-to find someone who deliberately wanted to deal with their family. Who did they cross this time?rnHowever, the Jeffersonian institution provides assistance in the investigation of complex cases. Researchers are trying to cope without their curator, and despite all the difficulties, they succeed.