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  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Drama
  • Comedy
It's an adult animated series that tells the story of animals living among us. They talk, wear clothes and lead the same way of life as people. The main character of this cartoon is the horse, whose name is Bocek. In his youth he was a very popular figure. He starred in a Comedy series, worked in Hollywood and led a popular TV show. Now he is unemployed, his star of fame has sunk, and popularity came to an end. His girlfriend left him, because he has a disgusting character and because of his arrogance, habits do not reckon with anyone, cynicism and selfishness, it is impossible to get along with him. But he does not lose heart, he earned himself a comfortable old age and now you can do nothing but have fun and drink whiskey. The hero prefers to live for today and not to think about the future, because tomorrow may not come. To have time to get everything from life, you need to hurry.Gradually, this way of life leads to the fact that he becomes bored, And he begins to dislike himself. His loyal friends are concerned about his depression and try to help him. They give him the idea – to try to return to its former glory, but at the same time find yourself in something new. In the end the choice falls down to write his autobiography about how rapid was the young horse. Bodzek likes this idea, and he honestly gets down to business. But his laziness takes the better of him and much success in his writing he cannot be reached. The writing of the book he is constantly postponed, preferring first of all to relax and have fun, drink alcoholic beverages. The horse didn't write a few sentences about himself. Then the agent Bojuka offers a way out of this situation is to hire a writer.

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