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In Los Angeles there was an environmental disaster, after which the life of the local population has changed completely. The fact is that there are no psychologically healthy people left in the city, and the disappearance of oil and all led to the fact that the machines began to do on a rather strange kind of fuel. However, people are not surprised, on the contrary, they took the news perfectly and now plan to take part in large-scale races, which will soon take place in their city. Among the participants will be a police officer who was the last honest man of his profession, but how long he will be able to hold out is unknown. during the race he meets a girl who is not worried about anything and much more adapted to life. There was no stopping her and everything she has a rather strange attitude. She's not worried about who and what will think about it, and all the people she now sees only as fuel. After all, it is human blood that helps in this future, people to move on their favorite form of transport. Only here is how convenient to participate in such bloody races and who will be able to win them? Is it so easy to drive cars with this type of fuel and what else interesting people will be able to come up with?

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