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Original Title: Babylon 5
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: TNT
Creators: J. Michael Straczynski
Language: English
Description: Babylon 5 'is an immense space station built in the XXIII century to secure peace among people of all planters. But it will not be easy: the cultural differences are enormous attacks on the security of the station and frequent crises Interstellar increasingly frecuentes.La series takes its name from the space station Babylon 5, located in the Epsilon galactic system Eridani, in the fifth Lagrangian point between the fictional planet and its moon Epsilon III. Babylon 5 is a cylinder of O'Neill 8 thousand kilometers long and one kilometer wide. The areas are accommodated for several species of aliens offering different atmospheres and gravities. Human visitors to the sectors of aliens must wear breathing apparatus and other measures to tolerate such conditions ГЎreas.Las five seasons of the series correspond to a sequential year of fiction between the period 2258-2262. During the first season, the season is giving welcome several ambassadors of the galaxy. Earth has survived barely a Western war against the Minbari podereso, who despite their superior technology, mysteriously surrendered to the brink of destruction of the human race during the Battle of the Line.

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