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  • Genres:
  • Fantasy
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  • Comedy
Do you remember the famous movie "Sinister dead"? This picture is a continuation of the bloody confrontation between the ash and the kandarian demons who found themselves in our world. For this move they took advantage of the ancient evil book, the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis. It's hard to imagine what could happen. Yes, ash is already the practice, because he once faced dedicati. It's awful! After all, people, under the influence of these bloodthirsty creatures of darkness, turn into the same monsters. The obsession of the demon ancient Tome – the worst that could be expected of humanity. However, a young guy came to the defense and defeated the demons. But did he do it to the end?It seems that for many years these nightmares did not make themselves felt and our hero, aging with a glass of cheap alcohol and slutty girls in an embrace, recalled the events of youth. But once there are such events that" strained " our hero. After evaluating all, ash realizes that the creatures of darkness once again went on the hunt. An elderly man has no choice but to go to war armed with a shotgun and a chainsaw, finding two strong guys. He should not, he must unravel the mystery of the Necronomicon, spell out, once and for all stop the demons. After all, they now aim not just to kill the ash with the Book of the Dead, and to destroy all of mankind. What is in store for our trio? What challenges they encountered along the way of cleansing the world from darkness? Will they be able to defeat evil and return peace and quiet to humanity? It is quite difficult to predict events. Therefore, in order not to guess, it is worth watching this film, from which the blood runs cold in the veins and at every danger heart freezes.

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