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Baby casual job as a bouncer at a disco. He does not smoke, he does not drink. In his spare time he flays himself with karate training. Evening at the nightclub, he must be able to gain respect with his fists. Seven days a week drunks, pranksters and tough guys annoy him. One day no one should annoy him more. One day he wants to be his own boss: boss of karate and gym. But baby has to learn quickly that alone anything goes. There are always fights. Without his pals Peter and Ren? he would have to pack up long ago. Also, they are the ones who provide him with a lawyer who is critically injured a baby in a fight one of his opponents and therefore arrested. After a few days he is free again. But baby has changed: he no longer opposes the plans of these friends to rob a night safe. manage the raid. The enthusiasm about the easy money and the confidence of his friends tempted him to the illusion of being up to such a task. The next robbery is difficult. Babies fear leads to a knee-jerk reaction. It opens up a security guard at the supermarket. From self-reproach he falls into deep apathy. Peter, the old seasoned bandit pulls him out of this state and convinced him, but to fulfill the dream of a gym yet. Together they build a rotten factory floor. The hard work makes them forget fear, guilt and danger. Ren?, the third in the league, has, as always, retired in distress to his wife. But just where the police come to the track to him.

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