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In the world of anime never tread a smooth and quiet times. That series "Rokka no Yuusha" is a great test that is destined to test our long-suffering planet. Simple young people, for the time being unaware that they have to come together in a battle with the universal evil, will have to try on the guise of a hero.nnEverything twists when the God of evil Majin begins to awaken from a long hibernation. And when that happens, the enemy of humanity will not sit in its depths of eternal darkness. To prepare the Earth for battles, the goddess of fate selects six heroes who receive strength and abilities, thanks to which they can defend the current world order. Because the bodies of these warriors manifest the flower pictures, their so-called – heroes of the six flowers.nnAmong the favorites included Amaretto – the kid considers in General the strongest and most skilled fighter in the world. However, at the place that the heroes for the meeting appointed the goddess of fate, it turns out that came not six but seven people. It turns out that in their team ran into the enemy. So, before you defeat the villainous Magin, you need to calculate the impostor. And for some reason, most suspicious of all is just Amaretto.

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