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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
Beauty Stan Katic, behind which eight seasons of the popular detective show "castle", returns with an exciting crime Thriller on the theme of personal drama and action-Packed pursuit of a serial killer.an FBI Agent went missing during the investigation of a series of brutal murders that occurred in Boston and its surroundings. The family believes the daughterwifemother of the deceased, but the years go by, time heals, gradually the life of her husband and son missing detective is getting better. However, the police and Federal services continue to investigate - six years later the trail leads to an abandoned house, where in a gloomy prison police agents find Emily Byrne barely alive and has no idea how she was here and what happened to her last 6 years. The woman is trying to return to a normal full life, but her loved ones put an end to it, turned the page and continued to live. Family now infinitely distant, as if complete strangers : Nick remarried and his new wife became loving, affectionate, good mother to Flynn, who was only three years old when he lost his poor mother.at the time, nick and Emily was an office romance, he is also an FBI employee and is now tormented by the pangs of conscience that lost hope, stopped looking, left his wife in trouble. But bad luck is already preparing the broken, victim of life lose the woman next Thriller and sore trials : the serial killer after a long silence, again goes on the warpath. Nights become dangerous, cruel, bloody – killer a true master of his terrible deeds. And the worst thing for trying to get back on her feet miss Byrne is that the evidence of a new series of murders indicate it. The heroine hits the run and starts her own pursuit of the elusive maniac...

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