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4 blocks: TNT's own production through a criminal Arab family and its adversaries in Neukölln. Ali "Toni" Hamady (Kida Khodr Ramadan) is the leader of a family clan that brings together all the threads of organized crime in Neukölln and the surrounding area. After long years, the Lebanese want to withdraw from the illegal business. Easy it is not made to him, especially since his brother-Latif was arrested (Wasiem Taha) with drugs in the car. For succession so only his brother Abbas would (Veysel Gelin) in question, but is unpredictable. In this delicate moment Tonis old friend Vince (Frederick Lau) re-enters his life - now an undercover agent. But besides the hard guys are also strong women. Ewa (Karolina Lodyga) is the girlfriend of Abbas. She has suffered from the slightly psychopathic attacks her boyfriend, culminating in domestic violence. Kalila (Maryam Zaree) is the wife of Toni, they have a daughter. Her hope that Toni hangs the criminal and dangerous life on the nail is already shattered soon. Amara (almila bagriacik) is the sister of Toni and Abbas and married to Latif, who initially passed directly to jail. They all try to maintain a normal family life, against all odds. The first season consists of six episodes, to which you can read in our Reviews: Episode 1 & bdquo; brothers & ldquo ;, Episode 2 & bdquo; the wrong Nine & ldquo ;, Episode 3 & bdquo; Ibrahim & ldquo ;, Episode 4 & bdquo; betrayal & ldquo ;, Episode 5 & bdquo; powerless & ldquo ;, episode 6 & bdquo; Dead Man Walking & ldquo ;. The premiere took place in May 2017 TNT series, followed & was bdquo; 4 blocks & ldquo; to view free TV on ZDF Neo. Now you can repeat ticket via Sky and Sky or see Amazon Prime in the flat rate. Your knowledge gained can you check in our four-block-quiz. Season 2 is even more brutal In the second season, which celebrated its television premiere on October 11, again at TNT series, it's even harder to the point. The events set a year after the end of season. 1 Sky ticket you can flexibly and conveniently give you access to TNT series online and Thursdays switch live. Season 2 is broadly consistent with the well-known cast, but adds a number of new faces to it. Mohammad al-Saafi (Ahmed Hafiene) is Tony's new opponent, Hassan Akkouch plays the new Dealer Maruf, rapper Gzuz is gangster Frankie and rapper Eunique plays the rapper Isha. The second season has seven episodes and will be shown also by the TNT broadcast on ZDF Neo. During the first season Marvin Kren led the director, to share this post with the second season Oliver Hirschbiegel and Özgür Yildirim. Production was at Wiedemann & Berg.

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