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The main character - a woman, my whole youth devoted to the study of the cosmos. This curiosity to explore other universes referred to it by his father, an amateur astronomer. When Ellie became an orphan, she made a tremendous effort to get an education, which is so wanted her dad. This allowed the girl to get into the secret state TAP project, which is going to close soon because of its ineffectiveness. In desperation, the heroine of the movie "Contact" suddenly gets support. To invest in the project agreed to multi-billionaire Hadden. Just a few weeks after the girl was able to get a positive result. She managed to decipher a mysterious signal from outside the solar system, in which the unknown sides sent people to obscure the description of the device. Are designed according to the instructions huge autonomous structure, mankind has been able to travel to other worlds, which gives researchers a unique opportunity to communicate with representatives of other civilizations.

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