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Original Title: World Trade Center
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • History
  • Thriller
Production companies Paramount, Double Feature Films, Intermedia Films, Kernos Filmproduktionsgesellschaft & Company
Producers Debra Hill, Michael Shamberg, Stacey Sher, Moritz Borman
Budget 65000000
Language: English
Description: Story of the World Trade Center    nAm 11 September 2001 Firefighter John McLoughlin's (Nicolas Cage), like any other day also to work. In the middle of his shift the officials hear of a plane that collided with one of the World Trade Center towers. Towards the rescue work the men, what could be a reason for the collision speculate. As someone the word drops stop occurs oppressive silence.    nAm the scene arrived to offer the men a terrible picture: There is complete chaos. Rubble raining from the sky and a man jumps out of the burning building to his death. Few officials can bring themselves to participate in the rescue work eventually. The moment the South Tower collapses. create McLoughlin, Jimeno (Michael Pe?a), "Dom" Pezzulo (Jay Hernandez) and Rodrigues (Armando Riesco) it just to save himself in an elevator shaft. All three are buried by debris and are unable to move.    nIt begins a long time in which the men are not able to move or reasonable to call for help. More and more rubble falling down on them. Slow breathing heavier and the thirst sets in.    nHintergrund & information about World Trade Center    Nworld Trade Center is based, of course, on the true story of the September 11th. But the story of firefighters John McLoughlin and William Jimeno is not invented. You really spent several hours under the rubble of the towers, could eventually but be saved. In the last scene of the film you can see how Nicolas Cage (McLoughlin) and Michael Pena (Jimeno) the real McLoughlin and Jimeno embrace.    Nworld Trade Center was not full support from each of the bereaved. The trailer made in some cinemas for great concern. Ultimately, the shooting took place in California. The World Trade Center itself has been completely recreated with CGI.    nRegisseur Oliver Stone John McLoughlin left the choice of which actor should embody it. The choice was, among others, Mel Gibson, George Clooney, Harrison Ford and Dennis Quaid. But McLoughlin chose Nicolas Cage as this already in The Rock - Rock of the decision embodied the American hero. (CL)

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