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Original Title: The Woman on the Beach
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Romance
Production companies RKO Radio Pictures
Language: English
Description: On a lonely country road on the coast of Norway a car comes off at high speed from the road and overturns. Miraculously, the driver of the car survived the accident physically almost intact: Brigitta Nielebeck (Katja Flint) wearing only a pair scrapes it. But the most dramatic result of the accident shows up in another way: The former top manager suffers from now from severe amnesia and remembers neither her name nor their origin.    Non the attempt to reactivate their memory, the doctors come soon reach their limits. Finally, ask Brigitta's 16-year-old daughter Marie (Michelle Barthel) for help. The contact with close relatives often leads to a breakthrough in the treatment of the disease. But Marie has lived for two years in foster care and never was her birth mother very close - on the contrary: Most of all, the young woman would completely forget their past, marked by loneliness and painful losses of life. Nevertheless it can be, thanks to the popularity, her foster mother Wibeke (Marie-Lou Sellem) prepared to help Brigitta.    nGemeinsam the three women go into the old beach house of Nielebecks. Her ex-husband Kurt (August Zirner) appears briefly. The serene businessman remembers well the massive problems of the family, has long since finished with the past. It shows neither Brigitta state nor his daughter Marie greater interest. Between mother and daughter, however, it gradually comes to an approximation, even if still seems to be for Brigitta a veil of oblivion over the past by Wibekes patient mediation.    nDoch then there will be a revelation that Marie's new-found confidence deeply shaken. At the same time flames memories of that traumatic event that occurred two years ago led to a rift with her mother.    n (source: ARD)

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