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Original Title: The Truman Show
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
Production companies Paramount
Producers Edward S. Feldman, Andrew Niccol, Scott Rudin, Adam Schroeder
Budget 60000000
Language: English
Description: Plot of The Truman Show    The Truman Show is a TV classics around the world for nearly thirty years. Since its birth is Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey) of the main characters of the series - without even knowing. Producer Christof (Ed Harris) designed an artificial world called Seahaven where Truman of more than 5,000 cameras 24 hours a day in almost every little thing is observed.    In order not to bring the facade to collapse, his wife, friends and relatives are all actors. As a result 10,909 but there will be various accidental incidents can be leery Truman. Although actors and producers to keep everything in place Truman back in check, this can be not stop to look for inconsistencies. His desire to achieve real world is getting stronger, he plans his outburst.    Background & about The Truman Show    The tragicomedy of 1998 was a breakthrough for Jim Carrey as a serious actor. For his role of the then known only as a comedian Canadians won a Golden Globe. The Truman Show was praised by the critics to the skies and was nominated for three Oscars. the perfect balance between drama and comedy, the intelligent and almost prophetic script, as well as the sensitive direction were highlighted. Before Peter Weir (Dead Poets Society, Master and Commander - The Far Side of the World) took over the film, were among others Sam Raimi, Brian De Palma and Tim Burton in an interview for the director's chair.    Dennis Hopper, who was to play the producers Christof, left the production after the first day of shooting. Ed Harris, a last minute replacement won, later, for the role the Golden Globe. Author Andrew Niccol rewrote the script more than twenty times since Weir wanted to create the story less gloomy.    With character actors like Laura Linney, Noah Emmerich and Paul Giamatti The Truman Show is busy excellent even in the smallest supporting roles. (BL)

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