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Original Title: Paranormal Activity
  • Genres:
  • Horror
  • Mystery
Production companies Blumhouse Productions, Solana Films
Producers Jason Blum, Oren Peli, Amir Zbeda
Budget 15000
Language: English
Description: The young couple Katie (Katie Featherston) and Micah (Micah Sloat) experiencing paranormal activity in their new home. You suspect that the problem can not be related to the house, but with Katie, who was confronted with strange phenomena have always been. A consulting-oriented of them expert opens them that this is not a spirit but a demon. You should therefore avoid any dispute as possible so that the negative energies do not strengthen the essence.    nThe couple decides a camera to be installed firmly in her bedroom to the incidents documented. On some days, nothing happens, but now and then they cling strange happenings on tape. First, there are only traces of the stairs, slammed doors and be a light on. Soon, however, seems to sneak into her bed something invisible. Katie begins soon to be sleepwalking, but can not remember the next morning.    nHintergrund & about Paranormal Activity    nRegisseur Oren Peli researched for a year paranormal phenomena for Paranormal Activity and built at this time his house so to that it met his expectations. By his own admission, he came up with the idea for the film, as he himself noted strange things in his house and feared a lifetime before the vulnerability in their own homes.    nFor the hang of paranormal activity itself, the director and producer in one person 15.000 US dollars had available. A real script did not exist, but rather a treatment with a story arc. The dialogues were improvised on the set.    was completed nAs the film, Oren Peli managed to show Paranormal Activity on the Slamdance Film Festival. Still without right hire the film arrived at DreamWorks to Steven Spielberg, who liked the work and then bought the rights. Actually, Paranormal Activity should be re-shot, but test screenings went surprisingly so good that they showed the movie with clever marketing in selected cinemas. By Mundprpaganda and media hype, the project grew so quickly that the demand exploded. Paranormal Activity was released nationwide and managed eventually to record the $ 200 million.    nThe success led in addition to having been a franchise of Paranormal Activity. With Paranormal Activity 2, Paranormal Activity 3, and Paranormal Activity 4 - It's closer than you think of the horror film got three Fortsezungen, with Paranormal Activity - Tokyo Night a Japanese version and with Paranormal Activity 5: Ghost dimension is another part in the works.

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