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Original Title: Kick-Ass
  • Genres:
  • Action
  • Crime
Production companies Marv Films, Lionsgate
Producers Brad Pitt, Adam Bohling, Kris Thykier, Matthew Vaughn
Budget 28000000
Language: English
Description: Almost invisible in school and with a bunch of comics in the cabinet is Dave Lizewski (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) a completely average teenager - at least until he makes the decision to become a superhero. He slips into a green-yellow full body costume, puts on a mask with slits for eyes and mouth, grabs two lead pipe fight stick and pulls as 'Kick-Ass' in the fight against evil.    nThe only problem, though, is that he does not even have to offer on his nightly patrols a tiny spark of super strength and has to beware of villains who have a bit more power. But actually succeeds in his first big fight and he becomes a MySpace hero. Also masked, but for some time with todbringendem Ernst in business are two other self-appointed avenger, the Kick-Ass meets soon: an unstoppable 11-year-old who swings her razor-sharp double sword as Hit Girl (Chlo? Grace Moretz) and her armor-piercing father (Nicolas Cage), the real grip mercilessly as Big Daddy. Dazugesellt with Red Mist yet another superhero imitators. These idiosyncratic and quite energetic alliance gets it quickly also to do with powerful enemies and is set to a deadly sample by the insidious machinations of crime boss Frank D'Amico (Mark Strong).    nHintergrund & about Kick-Ass    nKick ace was staged by the former producer Matthew Vaughn (e.g Lock, Stock And Guy Ritchie). As a producer of Kick-Ass, in turn, among others acted Hollywood star Brad Pitt. Matthew Vaughn has a special fondness for comics: After Mark Millar comic Kick-Ass he filmed very successful X-Men: First Class. And his Stardust not based on a comic book, but probably on the novel by Neil Gaiman (Coraline). (ST)

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