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Original Title: Hot Shots! Part Deux
  • Genres:
  • Action
  • Comedy
  • War
Production companies Sidley Wright & Associates, 20th Century Fox
Producers Bill Badalato, Greg Norberg
Budget 25000000
Language: English
Description: Topper Harley (Charlie Sheen, 'Platoon') carries a retired Navy time now focused on his break at a Buddhist temple lost in the middle of the jungle. After the CIA finds it, they will try to persuade him to return to active duty and help rescue a rescue team who fell trying to save some prisoners held hostage by Saddam Hussein.Tooper just giving up and is commanded by the sole survivor of that operation Iraq. Parachuting with two soldiers, landing with little trouble, except for Tooper just entangled in a tree. Ramada contact group (Valeria Golino, 'Rain Man'), an old girlfriend of Tooper which has not seen for a while. After a brief talk on the boat who goes to the place where soldiers are held, Ramada Tooper she tells her husband is in the kidnapped group and have to save as sea.Mientras this happens, the President of the United States Tug Benson (Lloys Bridges, 'Mafia! Swindle as you can), be aware that another failed mission, moved to Iraq to lead the operation itself. The team reaches the area and is ready to free the hostages, while Tooper goes into the palace to have a single combat against Saddam Hussein.

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