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Original Title: ForeBears
  • Genres:
  • Documentary
Language: English
Description: Treatment of Firewall    nA happier life Jack Stanfield (Harrison Ford) might not like: Use wife Beth (Virginia Madsen) and son and daughter, he lives in a nice house outside of Seattle. Due to its high position in a bank, he also earned very good, and things are going well at work.    nAn a morning Jack receives the news that he had amassed large debts over a longer period of time, he has not been paid. Since he does not play, he does the whole thing as identity theft, and focused instead on a business dinner with Bill Redmond (Paul Bettany), who wants to poach him and a colleague.    nDoch when he wants to go to the food home, Redmond rises suddenly to him in the car and shows him a picture of Jack's daughter on his cell phone. Before he knows what hit him, Jack is in the midst of a large-scale hostage taking and extortion. Redmond and his men (among others Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) who attacked his family in Jack's absence, threaten to kill everyone if Jack them not help them to rob his own bank. But the data is protected by a security program and Jack to handle it. While the criminals be set up in his house and prevent any communication with the outside, Jack tries to outwit his tormentors and save his family.    nHintergrund & information about firewall    nThe technique with which the criminals want to get the money, is also called "tiger kidnapping". Basically doing one or more persons associated with a third person to be kidnapped, but there is no demand for ransom. Instead, this person will be to commit another crime for the kidnappers. The purpose of all this is that the criminals transfer some of the dirty work to someone else and it is less likely that they will be caught. Finally, a crime has indeed committed the victims. Its origins, the "tiger kidnapping" in the terrorist organization IRA.    nPaul Bettany's make-up artist asked towards the end of filming, the crew members, if present to show her their scars. So she gathered inspiration for the design of Bettany's character in The Da Vinci Code - Da Vinci Code, whose filming just weeks after which started firewall. (PZ)

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