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Original Title: Drawn in Blood
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Thriller
  • Mystery
Description: A dark, dilapidated house in Berlin, opaque types and did loose police - the usual ingredients for a creepy psychological thriller are available. Great energies have been set at "Drawn In Blood" in a genre-typical aesthetics, abgeguckt eloquent metaphors of the classics of suspense and poured into a story about trust and doubt. In the concern for the cinematic means of the voltage generating the dramaturgy of action is itself something slipped from the hands of the director obviously. Unimaginative the characters and their relationship to each other, which deliver all too familiar pattern of the genre. is to predict who will point in the role hatch to produce real tingling under the skin.    Marians (Anna Fin) reception in Berlin is anything but pleasant. At the morgue, they must identify her brother, who committed suicide. The busy art dealer now has the unpleasant task of resolving his apartment. Neither the dilapidated house whose inhabitants are still inspiring confidence. Everyone seems to know who she is. The aggressive loner Berger (Dan van Husen) is curious and troubling questions suddenly while the comic artist Eric (Tim Williams) is next time happily with different women and apparently does not mind being watched there. Marian discovers that her brother was a regular in the observer's position and has an unusually high amount of cash, she begins to suspect something. Something on the suicide of her brother does not fit. This assumption is corroborated by the murder of several women who had been recently with Eric together. No one in the complex web of her brother seems to play with open cards so soon Marian anyone more familiar. This is fatal, especially if one is already chosen as his next victim ...

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