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Original Title: Dorfpunks
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
Description: Summer 1984 in Schmalenstedt the middle of the "Holstein Switzerland", on the Baltic coast. Malte Ahrens lives with his parents in a farmhouse Old Left, has dropped out of school and is training to pottery - and is now called "Roddy Danger Blood" after the "punk" with some delay has entered Schmalenstedt. The "punk being" between meadows and woods, hanging out with friends Fly Bird, Sid, Flo, Piek Meier and G?nni in the woods hiding with campfire, full-bodied drink and a chat, the skilful provocation of Schmalenstedter philistine world and not least the strenuous arguments with the long-established rural youth determine Roddy's life. His parents, otherwise ready for every imaginable understanding, no longer come up with, "Is this punk?" asks his father when Roddy once again ravaged by a fight comes home. In the middle of Wohligkeit common uneventful Abh?ngens suddenly arises the idea of ??the all excited: "We start a band!". Guitar, drums, bass and vocals, the rest around it: The atmosphere is gorgeous, and the euphoria over the after a long search found the band name "Warhead" knows no boundaries. The samples, however, make more difficult than expected, the band name changes almost daily, and the first concert will be the disastrous milestone Schmalenstedter punk history. Worse It's however always what the latest evidence the second concert. And again the question arises: "Is that punk?" Seemingly inexorably the band their close and represents friendship and beliefs of Holstein punk pioneers before a real test. now begins the rest of life? Or there is something else? Roddy desperate tugs a little tune on the guitar, as a reply to him from the neighboring garden strange flute. And suddenly Roddy discovers his very own definition of punk ...

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