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  • Genres:
  • Fantasy
  • Family
Production companies ARD
Producers Albert Schäfer
Description: The new step-mother of brother and sister has just won hearts and possessions of the father for itself as it shows its true colors and poisoned her husband. Her daughter, who came into the marriage with her humble brother and sister, and finally locks the children even in dry bread in a goat pen. manage the brave brothers and sisters to escape, but the angry stepmother conjures using their witchcraft before the thirsty children a source cause and transforms the boy into a deer. until one day in the palace of the king blown to hunt - the desperate children continue to hold together, find a cabin in the woods and live happily. When the king followed the deer there, he found the hut and falls in love with sister. He takes the two with his castle. Wedding is celebrated and sister is expecting a baby. The good fortune arouses the envy of the stepmother. As a nurse she creeps in with her daughter in the lock and pushes sister in a hot steam room. In their place, the ugly stepsister placed in her bed. The young queen turns into a dove and flies to her child. The king is unaware until brother-Reh reveals the hoax. Now the two wicked women find their just end. The magic goes out and brother and sister get back their old form. And if they are not dead.

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